Terrazzo Restoration Service

Flooring repair and refinishing services offered by Coast to Coast Terrazzo Restoration.

Have Your Terrazzo Floors Lost Their Shine?

Terrazzo Restoration Service

Terrazzo flooring, an epitome of elegance and durability, often hides its true potential under layers of improper care. Our Terrazzo Restoration service is designed to reveal and enhance its inherent beauty, using methods that respect and accentuate its unique characteristics.

The Restoration Process: A Journey to Brilliance

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to a wet grind and wet polish technique. This method is crucial in gently yet effectively rejuvenating your terrazzo floors.

  1. Grinding Phase: Utilizing Metal Dot Diamond Infused Pads, we embark on a precise grinding process. Starting with a 30 grit pad, moving through to 60 and 120 grits, we meticulously remove the superficial layer of wear. This step is essential in eradicating any existing imperfections and preparing the surface for the subsequent stages.

  2. Polishing Phase: The art of polishing terrazzo is where the true transformation occurs. Our Diamond Infused Resins, ranging from 50 to as high as 3000 grit, methodically enhance the terrazzo’s surface. This polishing does not just elevate the aesthetic appeal; it brings forth a natural shine, free from any waxes or sealers, showcasing terrazzo in its purest form.

Beyond Polishing: Protection and Care

While polishing restores the terrazzo’s luster, protection is key in maintaining its splendor. We offer two sealing options:

  • Oil-based Sealer: Ideal for a deeper penetration and protection, ensuring a long-lasting sheen.

  • Water-based Acrylic Sealer: A lighter, yet effective, option for safeguarding your floors against daily wear and tear.

Why Choose Natural Over Waxing?

The traditional method of waxing terrazzo, while initially appealing, is a short-lived solution. Waxes tend to yellow, gather dirt, and necessitate a labor-intensive cycle of stripping and reapplication. Our natural polishing process eliminates this need, significantly reducing maintenance costs and time, all while achieving a more authentic and lasting beauty.

Comprehensive Care: Beyond the Surface

Our service extends to meticulous care of your terrazzo floors. We handle chip and crack repairs with precision, ensuring a seamless restoration. The result is not just a floor that looks new but one that embodies resilience and grace.

Caring for Your Restored Terrazzo

Post-restoration care is crucial in prolonging the life and beauty of your terrazzo. Regular sweeping or dust mopping is recommended to prevent any debris from scratching the surface. Using only recommended cleaning products will help maintain the shine and color of your terrazzo with minimal effort.

In choosing our Terrazzo Restoration service, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re choosing to revive the history and artistry embedded in your floors. Let us help you uncover the hidden gem beneath your feet, transforming it into a polished masterpiece that speaks volumes of timeless elegance.

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